Update to ISO 20121 Sustainable Event Management

The ISO 20121 standard, originally released prior to the London Olympics, has been updated and published as ISO 20121:2024, in time for the Paris Olympics. This standard has been adopted by a wide range of organisations – from small gatherings to large-scale conferences, e.g. COP 28. It is designed to apply to SMEs within the events supply chain, with the aim of improving sustainability throughout the entire event management cycle. It continues to guide organisations in managing social, economic, and environmental impacts responsibly.



Here are the key updates: –

✅ Equips the events industry with strategies to tackle new challenges such as accelerating climate action, managing supply chain risks, and mitigating social impacts.

✅ Requires new commitments including reporting on achievements, lessons learnt, and, where appropriate, legacy.

✅ An emphasis on sustainable supply chains, requirements to assess the impact of climate change, and obligations to report on progress and lessons learned. It also introduces considerations for human and child rights.

✅ Aligns event practices with international sustainability frameworks and goals, including the United Nations Sustainability Development Goals, Race to Zero, and the Paris Agreement.

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