Norman Hughes

Norman_Hughesefqm-certified-advisor (4)Norman has spent over twenty years in business improvement consultancy, working with a wide range of clients in a number of industries and sectors on business excellence, self-assessment, process improvement, benchmarking and change management, using a wide range of globally recognised tools, models and standards e.g. Lean, Six Sigma, the EFQM (Excellence) Model, and the Quality Management Systems standard ISO 9001, for which he is a Lead Auditor.

During this time Norman has developed expert knowledge and considerable experience in the use and application of the EFQM Model to drive improvement, hence he is an EFQM Certified Advisor. Over the years he has acted as assessor and assessment team leader for the EFQM Global Excellence Award and the EFQM Levels of Excellence and as a senior assessor for the British Quality Foundation (BQF)’s UK Excellence Awards.

Norman has developed a close working relationship with various national and international organisations promoting business excellence, such as the BQF and EFQM. He has carried out a number of consultancy assignments with EFQM Award and Prize winning organisations in Europe, in preparation for their successful Award applications and also acted as consultant to the Turkish Quality Award process during its development phase. On behalf of the BQF he trained Award Assessors for the UK Quality Award for over ten years and has provided training and consultancy support to the Dubai Quality Award process for over five years.

Prior to becoming a consultant, Norman worked for over twenty years in the telecommunications industry with responsibilities for customer service, network management and business improvement.