Quality Policy

Ley hill solutions ltd is proud of the commitment and service it delivers to its clients, our experience in management systems ensures that the service we deliver to our customers is professional and exceptional at all times.  All our staff and associates are bound by our 5 principles of conduct when working with our clients guaranteeing that customer service is forefront of our minds. 

 The five principles require that ley hill solutions ltd shall:  

  •  Protect the interests of its clients at all times  
  • Clearly define and agree the terms of engagement  
  • Only accept assignments it is qualified to perform  
  • Disclose to clients or potential clients any relevant information which might influence our engagement or their work  
  • Ensure that the work performed meets the aims and objectives agreed with the client  

 Our Management System underpins everything that we do for our customers. As a company we are committed to: 

  •  Establishing Quality Objectives and actionable plans appropriate to the needs of the company that enable us to meet or exceed our customer requirements and wherever possible enhance customer satisfaction. 
  • Satisfying all applicable requirements whether these be customer, regulatory or industry based that affect the delivery of products and services to our customers. 
  • Continually improving our management system through regular and systematic review of its performance, planned internal and UKAS accredited external audits, and management reviews. 
  • Communicating this Policy and the importance of meeting all requirements to our staff and others involved in delivering services to our customers. 
  • Ensuring our personnel are properly trained so they are better able to serve of customers. 

This Quality Policy will be the subject of review at the annual Management Review meeting, so as to ensure that the objectives are being achieved and are appropriate to the company’s current activities, in order to meet the expectations and needs of the Customer.  

Graham Hull 

Managing Director 

May 2020 

Next Review September 2021