Client & Customer Surveys

  • What are client & customer surveys?

    Surveys that seek the opinions of and/or levels of satisfaction of an organisation’s clients and customers. These can take the form of –

    • paper or electronic questionnaire
    • telephone or text surveys with scripted specific questions
    • telephone surveys with open-ended questions and/or two-way dialogue
    • face to face interviews with individual customers
    • group feedback sessions with a number of customers and one interviewer/facilitator
  • excellence-tickbox

  • What are their benefits?

    • surveys help you to understand the customer’s requirements and how they perceive you to be performing in relation to those requirements, both now and for the future
    • understanding your customers enables you to set marketing strategies for differing customer groups, so that existing and future products or services can be targeted accordingly
    • properly analysing and using the survey results will lead to more satisfied and loyal customers, who will continue to use your goods or services and can also help you identify potential new customers


  • How we can help you get totally open and honest opinions from your customers

    You may think you know what your customer needs but the truth could surprise you! Having an independent third party gather and analyse customer feedback can be invaluable in gaining a totally honest opinion. We have experts in the design, implementation and analysis of Client & Customer Surveys and can help with –

    • end to end design, running and analysis of a survey
    • training your people how to design and use client and customer surveys effectively