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Together with a detailed timeframe, we will provide your organisation with realistic goals to ensure that your organisation is successful when audited by the external certification body.  

Need some help on the day of your external audit? We can help with that too. Often our clients would like our support when the external certification body conduct its audit and we are very experienced in steering our clients through audit day.  

Once an organisation has achieved certification success, it’s important to ensure that the certification is maintained. An ISO certification runs on a 3-year cycle and each year the certification body will check that the procedures and processes are followed and maintained via a Surveillance Audit. 

Some organisations have the capability to this in-house when they have their own dedicated Quality Manager. For those that don’t, we can help with the maintenance via a support contract, helping you via internal audits, management reviews or general consultancy support, where we are on-hand through-out the duration of the certification cycle. 

At Ley Hill Solutions, we don’t want to just provide you with certification success. It’s our aim to really make the most of your ISO certification as a business improvement tool.  We help our clients’ people understand and implement a management system that works for them, and as a tool for continuous improvement. 

From as little as £350 per month* Plus VAT, we can provide that support throughout the certification cycle and beyond. 

  • Dependent on size of organisation and number of ISO certifications held*.