EFQM Awards for Ley Hill Solutions’ Graham and Norman

In a remarkable celebration of excellence and dedication,
the 2024 EFQM Forum has presented its prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award
upon two distinguished professionals: Graham Hull and Norman Hughes. The
ceremony, held in the vibrant city of Istanbul, recognised the duo’s unwavering
commitment to quality and their substantial contributions to their respective

The EFQM Forum, which took place from June 4th to 6th,
provided the perfect backdrop for this accolade. The forum itself is a
testament to the principles of the EFQM, focusing on sustainable success
through quality management. It is here that Graham and Norman’s legacies were
celebrated, amidst a gathering of peers who share their passion for excellence.

Their award reflects their lifetime of hard work and the
positive impact they have made. It serves as a reminder that the pursuit of
excellence is a journey that rewards not just the individual, but also the
community and industries at large.

As the EFQM looks forward to the changes in its model for
2025, the achievements of Graham and Norman will undoubtedly serve as a benchmark
and inspiration for all those who strive for excellence in their endeavours.

The recognition of Graham Hull and Norman Hughes at the EFQM
awards is a momentous occasion, marking their indelible mark on the world of
quality management and setting a standard for future generations to aspire to.
Their legacy is a testament to the power of dedication, innovation, and a
relentless pursuit of excellence.

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