About Us

  • Our vision and values


  • How we work

    Not believing in the concept of “off-the-shelf, one approach suits all” consultancy packages, we make the effort to really understand your organisation and provide tailor-made solutions that work for you, facilitating your people to enhance performance and stand out from the crowd. We use internationally recognised standards and frameworks such as ISO standards and the EFQM Model, adapting the implementation of these to allow you to get maximum benefit within the context of your own strategic aims. We have adopted the following best practice consultancy behaviours

    • protecting  the interests of our clients at all times
    • clearly defining and agreeing the terms of engagement
    • accepting only assignments we are qualified to perform
    • disclosing to clients or potential clients any relevant information which might influence our engagement or our work
    • ensuring that the work performed meets the aims and requirements agreed with the client

    Our policies

  • Reasons to choose us

    • professional top level quality management expertise
    • tailor-made practical solutions that work for you
    • long term benefits not quick fixes
    • flexible, effective and value for money
    • support when you need it, freeing your people to do what they do best
    • history of satisfied customers
    • great to work with
  • Our partnerships & memberships

    ley hill solutions works with partner organisations to ensure we deliver the best possible service to our clients. We also belong to various membership bodies in the field of quality and excellence in order to ensure we maintain our leading edge knowledge in this field.

    To see a full list of the organisations we work with click here.