Ley Hill Solutions’ Graham Hull reflects on his EFQM Lifetime Excellence Award

In the historic city of Istanbul, the EFQM Forum convened for its annual gathering on the 4th, 5th, and 6th of June, bringing together leaders and innovators committed to excellence in organisational management. Among the distinguished attendees were Graham Hull and Norman Hughes from Ley Hill Solutions, who were honoured with the prestigious EFQM Lifetime Excellence Awards. Reflecting on this momentous occasion, Graham Hull shares his insights and experiences, underscoring the significance of such recognition in the realm of quality and excellence.

“I am honoured to be recognised with a lifetime achievement award from the EFQM.

It is a journey that started in 1986 when I first started working in Continuous Improvement and Industrial Engineering for the UK Post Office and then moving to work with the EFQM Excellence model in 1993.

Since then, I have worked with hundreds of organisations and thousands of people with one aim; to improve the way organisations work. Leading EFQM Assessment teams since 1999 for the British Quality Foundation (BQF) and EFQM in nearly 20 different countries has given me a career that has been enjoyable, rewarding and cements the idea that learning is a lifelong goal.

Every time I help an organisation prepare for an assessment or an audit against an international standard, I learn something and every time I assess an organisation something new comes to light too. I hope that during the over 150 EFQM and Baldrige Foundation based assessments I have done on a wide variety of organisations, that they have learnt a little from my experiences too.

My company (Ley Hill Solutions) was set up with the EFQM Model in mind and we still believe it is one of the best frameworks to continuously improve and achieve excellence.

Finally, I have worked with many of the other recipients of this lifetime achievement award, and it has been a pleasure to work with you all over the past years.

Thank you.



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