ISO Standards – remote support

  • The certification process

    Certification process diagram
  • Response of certification bodies to COVID-19

    This is a statement from SGS, one of the certification bodies used by our clients to certify their ISO Standards –

    “In the current conditions we recognize that all organisations will be prioritizing the well-being of their staff and customers. For SGS also, the safety of our own personnel and those of our clients is of paramount importance.

    In many cases we anticipate that certification and audit activities will continue as normal, but in circumstances where travel is temporarily restricted or access to sites and facilities may be limited, SGS will be extending its use of IT in line with our contingency planning. In such situations this will typically mean an increase in the level of remote auditing of client activities.

    We will therefore seek to maintain audit dates as previously agreed and in conjunction with clients assess the risk to health and limits on access before deciding what is the most sensible approach to auditing. Overall, our aim will be whenever possible to fit in with our clients’ priorities while attempting to maintain certification with the minimum of disruption.”

  • Support we will continue to offer during the crisis

    SGS’s statement above is very similar to what we have been told by other certification bodies, who are not intending to simply put auditing on hold during the pandemic.

    In line with their approach and very much with the same concerns about people’s safety in mind, we will be continuing to provide similar remote support for clients implementing standards, working towards certification or recertification and/or requiring help with internal auditing and preparation for surveillance audits and certification audits.

    We can remotely perform gap analysis and external audit readiness reviews, to enable you to action potential non conformities, as well help you with internal auditing and audit scheduling. Meetings such as management reviews and audit interviews can be conducted using technologies such as MS Teams, Zoom or whatever technology your particular organisation prefers to use.

    Do contact us if we can be of help.

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