ISO Certification – Spotlight: The Gap Analysis

Embarking on the ISO Certification Journey

Spotlight: The Gap Analysis

As an organisation, you may be thinking about ISO standard certification. Why?

  • To develop a management system that provides continual improvement across the organisation, through process enhancement and effective review mechanisms.

  • To pinpoint problems and implement solutions.

  • To improve customer satisfaction, which is often an outcome of effective and consistent procedures and processes.

  • Business opportunities. For many organisations, particularly the public sector, it is a pre-requisite.

  • Positive company perception. Knowing your organisation is committed to Continual Improvement.

Whatever your reasons, the first step is often a Gap Analysis.

First Step: Gap Analysis

While the certification path might seem daunting, your organisation could already be closer than you think. A Gap Analysis is a tool that measures the distance between your current practices and the ISO benchmarks, spotlighting areas for enhancement.

Ley Hill Solutions can provide you with a comprehensive report outlining: –

  • Current Conformities: Pinpointing which of your existing processes are already in alignment with ISO standards.

  • Areas for Refinement: Identifying which procedures require tweaking to fulfil the ISO criteria.

  • Focus for Development: Outlining the new processes that need to be introduced for compliance.

Ley Hill Solutions has helped many organisations establish where they sit on the path to ISO certification success. Having worked with most of the major UKAS-certified certification bodies for over 20 years, we offer independent advice and guidance on what’s required to meet the requirements of globally recognised standards.