ISO 20121 – Sustainable Events

  • What is ISO 20121?

    First developed in 2012, with cross-nation input from the event industry, ISO 20121 has been designed to address the need for improved sustainability throughout the entire event management cycle. It offers practical and useful guidance to help you manage any event and control its social, economic and environmental impacts, whether the event is a simple school outing, a wedding, a large business conference or even on a scale such as Glastonbury or The Eurovision Song Contest.

    It addresses all stages of an event’s supply chain – every action counts, from relying on tap water instead of plastic bottles to encouraging the use of public transport. It also includes monitoring and measuring guidelines. If you are involved in events management in any way, this standard is for you.




    business conference


  • What are its benefits?

    • creates reputational advantage – using a recognised international framework will enable you to demonstrate your event sustainability in a credible and transparent way
    • can help attract customers (sustainability is now a big issue for many customers using venues and event management services)
    • helps reduce the use of resources and cut costs
    • improved supply chain and community relationships – brings more focused supplier management and governance, with a strong emphasis on bringing benefits back into local communities, including those where the events happen
  • How we can help you implement and maintain it

    • help you develop event management policies and systems that are effectively integrated within your organisation
    • help you document appropriate processes and procedures
    • train managers and employees in ISO 20121 and internal auditing against the standard
    • support management teams through the ISO 20121 certification process – we only work with certification bodies approved by UKAS or, outside of the UK, members of the International Accreditation Forum (IAF)
    • conduct readiness reviews/gap analysis in preparation for a certification audit