Health & Safety policy

As a supplier of management consulting services to clients in the United Kingdom and overseas, our primary concern is the Health, Safety and Wellbeing of our staff and associates, and any others who may be affected by the way we carry out our business operations.

We commit to:

  •  Comply with all legal and other requirements that affect the delivery of services to our customers where they relate to OH&S hazards.
  • Provide full backing both to this policy and to all employees  or associates who authorise or are responsible for work activities to ensure that health, safety and welfare is the priority  and that work is carried in compliance with all relevant industry standards and legislation
  •  Consult with our employees and contractors on matters that may affect their health and safety
  • Set annual Health & Safety objectives and targets, measure and review performance to ensure we deliver against our responsibilities and provide the necessary resources to do so and continually improve the effectiveness of our OH&S systems and performance.
  • Ensure that all people working on our behalf are competent to do their jobs, have the necessary training and are actively encouraged to carry out their work activities in a safe and considerate manner, taking due care for their own health & safety and that of others.
  • Take disciplinary action against any employee who flagrantly disregards safety instructions and / or approved safe working practices.
  • Prevent injury and ill health by controlling risks and where hazards cannot be totally removed providing personal protective equipment [PPE].
  • Require that accidents occurring whilst working for ley hill solutions should be reported as soon as practical and all occurrences be discussed during management review meetings to ensure all steps are taken to eliminate the causes as far as possible.
  • Notify any Health & Safety issues identified whilst working on client premises to the clients H&S representative as soon as possible. If the identified issue affects ley hill’s people in any way and the response taken is deemed insufficient we reserve the right to withdraw from client’s premises until such time as the issue has been addressed.