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Employee Perception Surveys

An important way to gain employee feedback. They can be morale-boosting for those who may not have many other opportunities to confidentially express their views and can improve levels of productivity and commitment by identifying the root causes of workplace attitudes and employee dissatisfaction, which can then be targeted for improvement.

They can take the form of –

• A paper or electronic questionnaire

• Telephone surveys or face to face interviews with randomly selected individual employees

• Group feedback sessions with a number of employees

• Help you to understand how your employees rate you in those areas that are important to them

• Help you to identify key improvement opportunities in the way you manage and develop your people

• Help you to track the success of those improvements

• Used properly, will lead to more satisfied employees that are consequently more likely to perform better, provide better service value to customers and remain in your organisation

For employees to be open and honest, they need to be confident that their opinions will be kept confidential. Using a totally independent party like us to help design and conduct the survey will help instil this confidence. We have experts in the design, implementation and analysis of employee perception surveys and can either do this for you or train your people managers in the necessary skills to do it effectively, especially how to involve your employees in the question design to ensure you ask them about the things that most determine their satisfaction levels.