EFQM Global Excellence Index

  • What is the EFQM Global Excellence Index?

    The EFQM Global Excellence Index is a unique multi-purpose platform developed by the EFQM to recognise the world’s best performing organisations, enhancing their global visibility as drivers for Excellence. To join the EFQM Global Excellence Index your organisation first needs to go through an assessment against the EFQM Model.



  • The benefits of joining the EFQM Global Excellence Index

    • allows individuals and organisations to gain a deeper understanding of how to become leaders for Excellence
    • provides recognition for you as one of the world’s best performing organisations
    • enhances the visibility and image of your organisation
    • promotes your organisation as a role model for best practice
    • enables benchmarking  with other excellent organisations


  • How we can help you join the EFQM Global Excellence Index

    In order to join the Index you will need to undergo an assessment against the EFQM Model. You can do this on your own but you may find it both daunting and time consuming and need some help, especially if you are new to using the Model as a strategic business excellence tool.

    We have experienced people in all areas and at all levels of usage of the EFQM Model and a very good and close working relationship with the EFQM, so are confident we are the best people to help you with preparing for an assessment and joining the Index.