EFQM Certified Foundation Course

  • EFQM Foundation training image 2020
  • Ley hill solutions, as an EFQM Certified Training organisation, is pleased to offer this in-house EFQM Foundation Course providing valuable insight into the structure and benefits of a business model (the EFQM Model) that has been applied globally with great success over the past 25 years. Using an on-line platform, the eight module course is delivered to your organisation over two days with around four hours of valuable content each day. It is ideal if you want to know more about the Model and how it can benefit your own particular organisation.

    Whilst effective as a stand-alone course, it is also the perfect starting point for understanding the route towards the various EFQM levels of recognition, including the very prestigious EFQM Global Award. Also, for any of your individual people wishing to develop their skills and knowledge in this area, it is a pre-requisite for following one of the EFQM qualification routes.

    See below for full details.

  • Who the course is for

    • organisations who want to understand the EFQM Model and how it can be used to make them more effective (no pre-knowledge of the Model or other course pre-requisites are necessarily required)
    • those who have some familiarity with the Model (including older versions) and want to up-skill and grow the knowledge of their people by understanding the new EFQM Model 2020
    • those wishing to achieve any of the various levels of EFQM recognition
    • organisations wishing to develop their people using one of the EFQM qualification routes (for which this is a pre-requisite)

    How to access the course

    We are offering this as an in-house course, on dates to be mutually agreed with individual organisations, for up to a maximum of 12 people per course session. However, we are able to agree multiple course sessions for larger organisations.

    Our trainers are Graham Hull and Norman Hughes, who between them have over fifty years experience in applying the benefits of The EFQM Model within all types and at all levels of an organisation.

    If you are interested, please contact us to discuss when you would like this course to be delivered and/or any requirements you may have that are not listed in the details on this page. One of our very experienced trainers will be happy to talk through with you any specific training needs you might have


  • What participants will be able to do by the end of the course

    • explain how the EFQM Model could benefit their organisation and how it could be used to overcome current and future challenges to create a sustainable future
    • explain how the Model is structured and how the different elements apply to their organisation
    • apply RADAR, the EFQM’s diagnostic and assessment tool, to identify strengths and areas for improvement and use these to develop plans to improve performance and exploit opportunities
    • conduct a high-level health check of their organisation, using the Model as a self-assessment tool


    There is a minimum total course charge for up to 6 attendees. For numbers above 6, the course is charged on a per person basis up to a maximum of 12 people. Covered by the course fee is an e-book version of the EFQM Model 2020, normally retailing at €40 per copy.

    • Minimum charge for up to 6 people = £2550  plus VAT (equivalent to £425 plus vat per person if 6 people attend)
    • 7 or 8 people = £400 plus vat per person
    • 9 or 10 people = £375 plus vat per person
    • 11 or 12 people = £350 plus vat per person