EFQM 2025 Model Update

EFQM 2025 Model: Navigating Business Excellence in a Dynamic Landscape

The recent EFQM Forum, held from June 4th to 6th, shed light on the evolving landscape of business excellence within a rapidly changing corporate environment. As we approach 2025, the EFQM (European Foundation for Quality Management) is redefining its model, introducing key changes that reflect the demands of the future.

Key Highlights of the EFQM 2025 Model:

  1. Sustainable Performance and Technology Leadership:
    • – The new model places sustainable performance and sustainability at its core.
    • – Technology leadership emerges as a critical driver for productivity and innovation.
    • – The interplay between organisational culture and effective leadership is emphasised to foster transformative change.
    • – Simpler recognition processes and comprehensive training pathways, supported by certification, enhance organisational excellence.
  2. Reinforced Leadership Aspects:
    • – Commitment to purpose, role modelling of culture and values, and behaviours that facilitate change are central to effective leadership.
    • – Barriers to change are addressed, enabling creativity and innovation to flourish.
  3. Adapting to New Work Practices:
    • – The rise of remote, hybrid, and augmented reality (AR) work necessitates novel practices and environments.
    • – Supply chain resilience, business continuity, and future foresight programs take centre stage.
  4. Measuring Performance Across Four Categories:
    • – Stakeholder expectations and contribution are key metrics.
    • – Economic and financial performance are closely monitored.
    • – Performance and transformation efforts are evaluated.
    • – Sustainability remains a fundamental criterion.

Ley Hill Solutions: Pioneering the EFQM 2025 Model

Ley Hill Solutions, with its team of experienced EFQM consultants, is poised to lead the way in implementing the new model. Their commitment to continuous improvement aligns perfectly with the EFQM’s vision for business excellence.

As we step into the future, Ley Hill Solutions stands ready to embrace change, drive innovation, and elevate organisational performance.