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CSE – Customer Service Excellence

Customer Service Excellence (CSE) represents the UK’s national benchmark for outstanding customer service. Initiated in March 2008, CSE has superseded the earlier Charter Mark Standard and offers significant improvements over it.

Managed by the Government’s Cabinet Office, CSE is grounded in five core criteria: Customer Insight, The Culture of the Organisation, Information and Access, Delivery, and Timeliness and Quality of Service. Integral to these criteria are fundamental concepts like Customer Insight, Customer Segmentation, Customer Journey Mapping, Leadership, and Drivers of Customer Satisfaction, all of which collectively form the backbone of this standard.

Balanced Scorecards

In these very testing economic times, delivering on customer service might just be the factor which makes a difference between business success and failure. The CSE standard can give you these key benefits

• Acts as a driver of continuous improvement in your business

• Gives you insight into your own organisation (how customer focused are you?)

• Gives improved understanding of your customer and what matters to them (by developing customer insight)

• Improves your relationship with your customers and their level of satisfaction

• Develops customer facing skills

• Builds team spirit and morale

• Provides an independent validation of your achievements in customer service

We have experts on the working of Customer Service Excellence, who have been instrumental in designing and delivering training for assessors and internal reviewers. We will provide you with a tailor-made service, including

• Working with managers and employees to develop a full understanding of CSE

• Delivering bespoke training for managers and internal reviewers

• Identifying the key benefits for you

• Establishing a clear picture of how CSE dovetails with your business strategy and with any other improvement frameworks such as ISO 9001 or the EFQM Model

• Guiding you through all the stages required to prepare for/achieve the standard, including liaison with an appropriate certification body

• Helping to embed the required customer focus skills and processes within your organisation

• Providing continuing support ahead of any re-assessment