COVID-19 Business Review

The current COVID-19 outbreak, which began in December 2019, presents a significant challenge for the entire world and we expect that you will have invoked your crisis plans in response to the major health emergency caused by this pandemic. But do you know how well they are working?

Your crisis leaders and team need to be able to demonstrate a sense of control and give people the leadership they need.

We can help you assess your current thinking by providing a short business review, the purpose of which is to allow an organisation to reflect on its COVID-19 response to date. We can facilitate a virtual meeting of a small group of key staff, allowing them to communicate their experience and views, identify lessons learned and allow arrangements to be modified, thereby improving future response to and recovery from the health emergency.

We can help any type of organisation with this, including hospitals and other critical service providers and have done so very recently during this pandemic.

Contact us to discuss your individual needs and to set up a review.