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Client & Customer Surveys

Organizations often conduct surveys to gauge their clients’ and customers’ opinions and satisfaction levels. These surveys can vary in format, including paper or electronic questionnaires, offering a structured approach.

Telephone or text surveys often feature scripted, specific questions for consistency, while some telephone surveys might employ open-ended questions, facilitating a two-way dialogue for more nuanced feedback. Additionally, face-to-face interviews with individual customers provide an in-depth understanding of customer perspectives, and group feedback sessions, led by an interviewer or facilitator, enable a collective exploration of customer experiences.

• Development of clear strategies that drive your organisation forward at every level

• Feedback about the effectiveness of business strategy

• Permits managers to see their organisation more clearly from many perspectives (e.g. not just financial indicators) so they can make more sound and timely business decisions

• Provides diagnostic feedback to guide continuous process improvement 

• Makes vision and strategy clear to all, which stimulates innovation and allows breakthrough improvement and the appropriate targeting of resources

Developing an effective balanced scorecard requires strategic thinking, which can often be difficult without structured facilitation. Our expertise means that we can help you make best use of your management time to create one that really does work for you.

We can: 

• Identify and develop strategic goals, working with your senior management teams

• Build scorecards

• Develop performance measurement structures and create strategic review processes

• Develop communication plans

• Train managers and teams in the use of balanced scorecards