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  • ISO/IEC 42001- Framework for Responsible AI Management

    ISO/IEC 42001 – New Global Guidance for Responsible AI Use in Businesses In the rapidly advancing digital era, the transformative power of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being acknowledged by businesses worldwide. However, the deployment of AI in a trusted and responsible manner remains a challenge. The international standard BS ISO/IEC 42001 has been published to… Read more »

  • Global Shifts in Customer Service

    A Comparative Look at Past Excellence and Present Challenges Initial Encounters: Discovering Excellence I can clearly remember the impact of my first visits to the USA as a young man. My elder sister had emigrated some years earlier, which presented the opportunity of many visits and cheap holidays! As a student, I had enjoyed the… Read more »

  • Importance of a Quality Manager

    Over the 23 years Ley Hill Solutions has been in business, we have seen a variety of approaches to Quality Management Systems operations, but principally they are overseen by the Quality Manager. The Quality Manager is a key stakeholder in any organisation implementing general compliance regulations or excellence standards, whether that be through the manufacture… Read more »