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Awareness Workshop

These are half day on-line courses (4 hours, with short breaks), each one designed to increase awareness of a particular aspect of ensuring your organisation works effectively.

Although they are delivered remotely, they are not merely talk sessions, but are interactive and participative, with a mixture of presentation sessions, individual & group exercises and discussion, designed to test learning throughout the workshop, all of which represents excellent value for money.

They require no prior knowledge or pre-work, but participants who wish to extend their knowledge beyond what they will learn on the course will be given advice at the end on how they can do this, as well as how to put into practice what they have just learned.

How to access a course?

Using an on-line platform, these half-day courses are delivered to your organisation on a mutually agreed date.

Although there is a maximum of 10 people per course session, we are able to agree multiple course sessions for larger organisations needing to train more people.

If you are interested, please contact us and one of our very experienced trainers will be happy to talk through your needs with you and structure an appropriate course.

Some courses and workshops we are experienced in:


There is a minimum total course charge for up to 4 attendees. For numbers above 4, incremental charges are made on a per person basis, as follows